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Blue cheese is not just mouldy! In traditional method, the blue penicillin mould is added to the milk early on in the cheesemaking process. It is activated later on when the cheeses are more mature and pierced with fine rods. 

The air gets in and the blue mould grows in the nooks and crannies in the curds. Every blue cheese we sell is different in flavour! Milk has a large part to play in this as much as the 

indevidual recipe. A Jersey blue will taste very different to a Ewe's on..



This is the king of british blue cheeses! Creamy and full of spicy blue veins - its strong and distinctive exuding
an aroma of damp stone and cellars. 

Cow • Nottm • P,V

The only Farmhouse Dorset Blue Vinney made from unpasteurised skimmed milk using a traditional 18thC recipe. A sharp but deep blue, lower in fat and unique. Awarded a PGI (protected geographical indication)
Cow • Dorset • U,V

Super creamy - made with jersey milk its lovely and rich with a saltyness of the sea. The blueing is light and sweetish giving a great contrast to the creamy cheese.

Cow • Cornwall • P,V


Irelands first Farmhouse Blue made in the shadow of Cashel Rock, in Tipperary pastures. Light and creamy with hints of tarragon it can be spicy when older.
Cow • Ireland • P,V


Another cheese from the Grubbs in Tipperary. A wonderfull softish Ewe's milk cheese where the balance between the sweet sheep milk with the spicy blue is just perfect.
Sheep • Ireland • P,V


Very creamy and can get very gooey due to it being based on a brie recipe. The Larger cheeses we mature on and develope a coco after flavour when soft. The small ones get runny quickly and have a delicate salty blue flavouring.
Cow • Oxford • P,V

This little cheese is sublime! Made with guernsey cream it literally melts in your mouth. The blue/green veins are spicy and the full flavour can be strong and peppery when matured.

Cow • Berkshire • U,V

blue header cheese.jpg

The only Kent blue cheese, made by Steve and Karen Reynolds who have their own Kingcott herd of dairy cows. Even when young this moist blue has a strong flavour and a very creamy finish. We hope to see more!
Cow • Kent •  U,V

A NEW KENT BLUE by Steve and Karen Reynolds at Kingcott Cheeses. Brie in style and with a delicious saltiness and spicy blue. Brilliant addition to Kents cheese making, this little grey coated cheese will become a cheese board favourite.
Cow • Kent • U,V

Brilliant colour - anatto seed colours this cheese bright orange with blue/green veins. The texture is slightly crumbly and the flavour seems to blend the tang and piquance of Red Leicester and strong blue from Stilton.
Cow • Nottm • U


Truly 'cheese art' ! This Ewe's milk blue is amazing, with its moist, crumbly texture. It has a pure white colour with fine blue crystal veins and a sweetish clean finish that can only come from Ewe's milk.
Ewe • Devon • P,V


More 'cheese art' from Ticklemore Cheeses and this time a Blue Goats! Like Beenleigh this has a crumbly texture and a pure white colour with fine blue veins. The flavour is complex, fruity, a little spicy with a subtle CoCoa finish. 'Mmmmm'

Goat • Devon • P,V

Please note that some cheeses may be seasonal availability only especially at Christmas.

Please check with the shop before ordering Cheese Boxes from us 

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