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Washed Rind cheese stands out as the pungeant one on the board as the cheese is dunked in brine and often rubbed in an alcoholic liquid. The fresh curd is left to drain in moulds - and then dipped to stop the wrong bacteria from forming on the surface due to high moisture and humidity,  The result is a 'sticky' skin of bacteria that becomes part of the cheese. Developed by Trappist monks, it is an ancient technique and produces the supple and elastic, smelly cheeses.  



From a rugged Cornish coast comes a sublime, smelly, sticky Cider rubbed Rind cheese. Strong and sweet.

It has a pale supple interior and delicious apricot, meaty coating, made with organic Ayreshire cows milk.

Cow • Cornwall • U,V

A true shop winner this one....Triple dipped in Honey Mead this becomes quite a powerful cheese. The alcohol breaks down the rind to help create a sticky, chrystaly, sweet and soft addiction. Almost advisable to eat this as an only cheese and complement it with light English white wine and green grapes.
Cow • Oxford • P,V


Inspired by Cisterian Monks and created by a great food historian this has to be great! A savoury smooth, soft cheese it is washed in "Perry" an historic pear cider as it matures and gives a smelly crust to an oozing sensual delight. Not as strong on the palette as the name suggests but definately as 'aromatic'
Cow • Gouces • P,V

Very unusual combination of a deep pale, mild and crumbly interior complemented by a softer cider washed rind
that breaks down into a pungeant sweeter delight. GOT TO BE TRIED!
Cow • Dorset • U,V

Washed twice a week in a special solution, this is a sweet treat with a great dense texture - excellent thin.Like many of these little sticky cheeses they can have an aftertaste of dark cocoa!
Cow • Wales • U,V
This one has to be noted in this group of cheeses as it is a RARE washed Goat cheese. Washed curd and washed rinded, it's texture is silky, white and quite a piece of  'cheese art' with it's amazing complexity of flavours. Cleverly made by 'cheesy Pete' at White lake cheeses in somerset - a true genious.
Goat • Somerset • Thermized, V
Made for my friends in Tavistock - Elise and Garry by 'Pete' . This is a bit wild! A heart shaped Goats cheese Washed in Plymouth Sloe Gin!  As you can imagine - it's quite potent, and a little stinky but it is trully amazing. With complex flavours and cocoa aftertones.
Goat • Somerset • U.V

Please note that some cheeses may be seasonal availability only especially at Christmas.

Please check with the shop before ordering Cheese Boxes from us 

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