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A very important catagory to our cheese list - these brilliant cheeses take passion and determination to make. It takes a lot of Ewe's milk to make a small amount of cheese and the window of opportunity for milking is small due to lambing. They are also more expensive to produce which, unfortunately must reflect in their prices. BUT THEY ARE VERY POTENT!


WE HAVE GOATS CHEESES THAT ARE NOT GOATY...due to the refined techniques of production we now have some amazing complex flavours coming through - delicately lemony, or light hints of coco. Very fresh, hard, rubbed rind and classic logs (don't worry, we still have the strong ones as well)

We love our Goats and sheep cheeses at The Cheese Box and we can't help promote their nutritional value - along with their gorgeousness!

Sheep and Goat milk is pure white and rich, tasting. The milk is both higher in both fat and protein than cow or goat milk, which gives it the sweeter taste. The excellent grassland in Britain is ideal for sheep and they live outside most of the year. 





At last a Kent made hard goats cheese! Firm and manchego like in texture with a sweetish start and strong, tangy finish. This is the delicious sister cheese to Ashmore.

Goats • Kent • U,V



Made to a cheddar recipe at Quicks, this cheese is firm pressed and clothbound, developing, after 8 months into a silky, smooth paste with a sweet nutty flavour.

Goats • Devon P,V



Organic sheep cheese from Sussex. This is hard pressed but creamy in texture with a wonderful nutty flavour.

Ewe • Sussex • P,V



A Manchego-style, hard, Unpasteurised sheep cheese that has a sweet almost fruity flavour  - definately a lord of cheese.

Ewe • Sussex • U,V



A Hard Buffalo milk cheese that has an extra creamy fullness. Natural rinded and sporting the most beautiful coloured moulds this is quite a unique and mossy flavoured cheese to add to you addiction.

Buffalo • Devon • P,V



This is a washed curd cheese is quite dutch in style It's pale apricot colour comes from the annatto seed being added to the milk. It has a golden coat and mild, sweet flavour with a touch of goat.

Goat • Devon • U,V



A light and fresh semi soft Goats cheese with a clean white colour, a golden rind and a spongy crumbly texture.

Goat • Devon • U,V



Excellent feta style cheese made with Ellies goat milk. Clean and moist - my daugher's favourite!

Goat • Kent • P,V



WOW! we can't get enough of this simple, fresh Goats cheese. It's white and almost a mousse with a velvety lingering lemony flavour. The herb covered version is also clean with subtle flavours. The plain one is great for traditional cheesecakes and both are stunning on a simple omlet.

Goat • Berkshire • P,V


A truly historical cheese, being produced from a xxc recipe by High Weald Dairy, More compact than rosary and slightly sweeter but with all the clean flavours of a fresh cheese.

Ewe • Sussex • P,V



Stunning, soft, Sheep milk cheese. This is pure white and subtle with a light clean nutty flavour.

Sheep • Sussex P,U



A classic goat log which is fine and compact. Made by charlie at Neal's Dairy and was developed when they were based in Kent so it's named after Ragstone Ridge. Excellent for melting on tarts as it holds it's flavour.

Goat • Hereford • U,V



Large White Goat Log. Deep complex, goaty flavour - More earthy and rugged than ragstone.

Goat • Somerset • Thermized, V



The goat milk for this cheese is sourced from a few herds accross Somerset and Dorset (often common when local yeilds are low but only if pasteurised)  producing a young silky brie style with a light salty-sweet flavour.

Goat • Somerset • P,V



Small goats camembert... Mmmmm... made with Kent Goat milk from Ellies Dairy near Canterbury. These are the Best treat in the shop for a goat cheese 'fix'. They mature quickly and have a distinguished lemony, goaty flavour - a strong presence like the namesake (Debbie's head Billy).

Goat • Kent • P, V

Please note that some cheeses may be seasonal availability only especially at Christmas.

Please check with the shop before ordering Cheese Boxes from us 

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