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Semi Hard cheeses are a more modern addition to the British Cheesemaking repertoire and often introduced as imported recipes.

These cheeses can include those washed in brine etc but we like to keep them a little seperate as more of them are emerging in the UK as briliant recipes are being successfully tried. They are lighter pressed in texture than the cheddars, more in the style of mountain cheese such as Comte. 

They are best enjoyed eaten in very fine slices -
use a cheese plane! 





STUNNING!!! A remarkable cheese with all the classic emmental
characteristics (HOLES AND ALL THAT) But what flavour! At first it is sweet and creamy almost innocent then WOW up comes a full bodied taste with almost alcoholic liquer drizzling out of those holes.

Cow • East Sussex • P, V


Nutty and rounded in flavour, this is a gruyer style earthy cheese great for melting (as a racclette) We love it xx
Cow • East Sussex • P,V

semihardcheesemain copy.jpg


Subtle and brilliant Dutch recipe. Warm and glowing with light touches of cumin and odd clove - 


Cow • Esat Sussex • P,V


A silky smooth, compact cheese from the south of ireland that really melts on the tongue. Never that strong but it can develop a deep complex flavour that is unique to this mountain style of cheese.

Cow • Cork • U


A washed curd cheese that is pressed lightly, giving it a dutch quality. Although it is Goat milk it must be included in this catagory if purely for its texture, which is moist with a full sweetish flavour. Annatto is added to give it a pale apricot colour

Goat • Devon • U,V

Please note that some cheeses may be seasonal availability only especially at Christmas.

Please check with the shop before ordering Cheese Boxes from us 

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