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Soft white cheeses are high in moisture and are covered in a penicillin mould which acts as a coating and 

helps break down the curds, adding to the overall mature texture and flavour

These cheeses only mature for a few weeks and are usually luscious and creamy with subtle grassy flavours. 






The thick white rind contrasts with the deep buttery full flavoured paste which can become very oooozy! Another great local cheese made by The Cheese Makers od Canterbury up the road in Dargate.

Cow • Kent • P,V



Small and deep, staying quite firm and ripening to a strong savoury Brie. A Kent classic.

Cow • Kent• P,V



This Sussex cheese has a very unusual rippled white rind and a herby, buttery flavour. Can become very potent! Made by the fabulous cheese boys (Nick and Arthur) at Alsop & Walker.

Cow • Sussex • P,U



Brilliant!! A white peaked dome shape - this is pretty unique in the British cheese world. Light, lactic and lemony - you can get cravings for a cheese like this! It stays quite firm in texture but this adds to its character. Nick and Arthur have transported this Spanish recipe brilliantly to Sussex.

Cow • Sussex • P,V

Distinctive, peaty and earthy - this brie from Cranborne Chase in Dorset has complex flavours. Starting young with light mushroomy tones it can develope to strong, earthy and salty. When truly runny it mellows out. Mmmmmm!
Cow • Dorset • U,V

Made from double Jersey Cream, this is a thick golden creamy cheese that is buttery when young and quite strong and camembert like when mature. Very naughty but nice!
Cow • Devon • U,V


Beautiful grassy flavours in a classic mould ripend cheese. This is made from a mix of pastueurised and unpasteurised milk from their own herd in Moyne, Co Tipperary. It also has veg and animal rennet used in the making.

Cow • Tipperary • P,V



Stunning, soft, Sheep milk cheese. This is pure white and subtle with a light clean nutty flavour.

Sheep • Sussex P,U



A classic goat log which is fine and compact. Made by charlie at Neal's Dairy and was developed when they were based in Kent so it's named after Ragstone Ridge. Excellent for melting on tarts as it holds it's flavour.

Goat • Hereford • U,V



Large White Goat Log. Deep complex, goaty flavour - More earthy and rugged than ragstone.

Goat • Kent • Thermized, V



The goat milk for this cheese is sourced from a few herds accross Somerset and Dorset (often common when local yeilds are low but only if pasteurised)  producing a young silky brie style with a light salty-sweet flavour.

Goat • Somerset • P,V

Please note that some cheeses may be seasonal availability only especially at Christmas.

Please check with the shop before ordering Cheese Boxes from us 

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